About The Best Terpene Company

Your terpene specialists.

An uncompromising commitment to quality.

For over 12 years, our founder worked as a grower and extractor at a local dispensary, perfecting the methodology we use today. It didn’t take him long to see that most terpene profiles available on the market used unnatural chemicals and failed to accurately mirror designer strains. He knew he could do better.

Since being licensed by the state of Arizona in 2017, True Extracts has formulated designer terpene profiles using only the best natural ingredients, to exacting specifications which ensure that the original taste, flavor, and effect is accurately mirrored.

We utilize proprietary methods for strain mirroring and have perfected natural-derived formulas for over 200 of the most popular designer strains. You can count on all of our products to be manufactured using only the highest level of accuracy and potency, in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

In our short history, we have established strong relationships with our wholesale and retail customers, setting us apart as the best place to buy terpenes online. We confidently invite you to test our organic terpene products both in the lab and against our top terpenes seller competitors. It is our continued passion as the best terpene brand to manufacture the highest quality products and continue developing relationships with our customers for years to come.


True to the strain

How do we create our designer strain profiles? We cut no corners and spare no expense to ensure that each Terpene profile formula we sell is identical to the original strain. We like to call it science that respects nature.


We Hunt

Always at the forefront of the hottest trends, we scour trade shows to find popular designer strains right when they premier. Then, our strain hunters bring home the bud so we can take a closer look.


We Analyze

We break down the original bud and identify the genetic markers and natural compounds that make it unique. Molecule by molecule, we replicate that formula to precisely mirror the most desirable strains on the market.


The Truth is in the Terpene

Every terpene we sell has a Certification of Analysis confirming that our formula has the same balance of monoterpenes as the cannabis strain that it replicates. Each COA corroborates our promise that it’s “True to the Strain!”


The highest standard

We are perfectionists. You can expect that
each True Extracts terpene is crafted to the
highest standard. As such, we promise our
customers that each product is:


Free of artificial additives

Our terpenes are created utilizing pure, natural plant components that are organically-grown and carefully steam distilled for quality protection.


Widest selection

With 260 strain profiles (and more every month,) we offer the widest selection of popular designer strains on the market.



Because we build our formulas using monoterpenes from different plants, each of our products is 100% cannabis-free and legal to utilize and market anywhere in the country.


True to the strain

Our mirroring methodology leaves no room for variation. Feel free to compare our terpenes side by side with each designer strain.