Applications For Our Terpenes

Premium terpenes for a variety of uses.

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While terpenes can be associated with smoking marijuana, the cannabis industry has evolved such that people of all backgrounds are using our organic terpenes for a variety of therapeutic uses.

With manufacturers incorporating the best terpenes into a variety of health and wellness products, consumers are utilizing them in their daily health regimens. Whether you’re using terpenes for vaping, adding terpenes to shatter, enjoying flavored terpenes, or using terpenes essential oils, there are countless options for how you choose to use them. Terpenes can have a variety of effects when mixed with other products, cannabis-related or not.

in their daily health regimens. No matter how you choose to use terpenes, they can have a variety of effects when mixed with other products, cannabis related or not.


Uses for terpenes


Vaporization enables the healing benefits of terpenes to be experienced in a unique way. This quick-delivery method allows the effects to be experienced almost immediately, and can be utilized in concentrated doses, or for a subtle aroma that permeates a room.

  • Steam in a humidifier
  • Aromatized using a diffuser
  • Sprayed from a spray bottle
  • Traditional vaping with a vape pen


Terpenes should not be ingested purely, as they must be diluted first. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy them in creative ways. Terpenes can also be a unique additive to drinks and foods.

  • Add to infused cocktails
  • Use for cooking or baking
  • Include in therapeutic tinctures
  • Flavor candies, gummies, and snacks

Topical Application

This method of application is typically associated with pain relief, but has since expanded in unique ways. The benefit of these terpene-infused topical products is that they absorb directly into the skin, and allow you to enjoy the aromatherapeutic properties of different strains.

  • Include in topical lotions like pain creams and salves
  • Elevate beauty products such as lip balm
  • Apply directly to skin for therapeutic effects
  • Clean and disinfect with certain monoterpenes

User Warning: When attempting to mix terpenes, you should never use a microwave or be near a heat source or open flame, as they are highly flammable. Take precautionary measures when mixing terpenes, such as wearing protective clothing and accessories and have an eye washing station nearby in case of an emergency.


Mixing guidelines

Terpenes are inherently potent compounds. It’s essential to dilute them in order to use them safely. The best way to mix terpenes is with a magnetic stirrer, no matter what product it is being mixed into, be it lotions or tinctures.

If you are mixing your terpenes into a raw concentrate, we recommend mixing up to 80 degrees Celsius at a 5-10 percent dilution. If you are mixing it into a shatter or crumble consistency, we recommend to start with 1-2 drops a half gram and let it soak in and/or fold over itself.

Results can vary due to the quality and consistency of your product. These are general guidelines. Always follow best practice policies, and contact us to learn more about the best usage and application of our products.