Buying Terpenes in Bulk: A Business Guide to Online Wholesale Shopping

The world has been undergoing a cannabis revolution for the better part of the last two decades. As more and more countries navigate toward a better understanding of cannabis and what it is, terpene distributors are embracing their moment.

Terpenes are the compounds found within cannabis that provide the smell, taste, and effects of the plant that they are found within. Whether we are discussing an orange peel or skunk sativa, terpenes are responsible for much of your experience.

Whether you work in retail, the cannabis industry, or even as a manufacturer or extractor, you can garner major profits from wholesale shopping for terpenes at True Extracts Terpenes.

Best Reasons to Buy Wholesale Terpenes in Bulk

Since it was first licensed by the state of Arizona in 2017, True Extracts has been delivering designer terpene profiles at wholesale prices to businesses and individuals alike. Utilizing proprietary methods, True Extracts is able to deliver a service and experience to its clients that is unrivaled in the industry.

When you purchase terpenes in bulk from True Extracts, you can enjoy these profitable outcomes as a result.

Strain Specific Experiences

First and foremost, True Extracts focuses on curating strain-specific terpene profiles that have been perfected in natural-derived formulas.  When acquiring bulk strain-specific experiences, you can ensure that your shoppers always have the products they need, when they need them. Strain-specific profiles are a step up from simple terpene extracts as they provide a more rounded experience that encapsulates the strain that the terpenes originated from.

When you have a full inventory of high-quality and affordable wholesale terpenes, you can meet the needs of your clients without worrying that you’ll come up short on inventory. Why come up short when you can surge ahead?

Targeted Effects on the Individual Experience

Every terpene will provide something slightly different in terms of looks, flavors, and effects. Whether you need an energy boost throughout the day or something that helps you sleep, there is a terpene extract that can help to accomplish the task.

Work with your POS as well as your bulk purchases to create an inventory that accommodates the need of every customer profile. Purchase different versions for each targeted effect to best possibly help your customers. With a rounded library of potential terpenes to work with, upsells and add-ons should be a piece of cake for your business.

As customers grow increasingly comfortable with your many product offerings, they may even feel compelled to invite their friends or families.

More Flavors, More Varieties

More than just home to 260+ designer profiles, True Extracts puts a variety of different flavors up for grabs. Terpene consumers from around the globe will have their preferred products, strains, and methods of medication. Make sure that you can reach as many of these potential customers as possible by supporting wholesale terpenes derived from a number of different flavors, strains, and effects. You can even consider stocking extras of each category to provide a broad list of selections for your consumers.

Along with additional varieties and flavors, individuals will get to find out what works best for them. Our endocannabinoid systems are highly unique and dynamic, meaning that we all could experience terpenes in slightly different ways.

Higher Quality of Terpenes

True Extracts focuses on providing its clients with access to the highest quality of terpene possible. To meet the needs of a wellness-focused industry, True Extracts embraced its inner perfectionist to set the standards for what a quality wholesale terpene purchase can be.

True Extracts provides terpenes that are

  • No Artificial Additives – True Extracts creates its terpenes with natural and pure plant components that have been grown organically for protection.
  • Broad Selection – Meeting the needs of the modern consumer means having every tool available for the job. True Extracts sports more than 260 designer strain profiles with new arrivals coming every month.
  • Free From Cannabis – To ensure legal compliance, True Extracts focuses on building formulas through monoterpenes from differing plants. This means that True Extracts features products that are 100% cannabis free and legal anywhere in the world.

Legal Around the World

The legality of cannabis and cannabis-derived terpenes can be murky when you aren’t working with the right terpene wholesaler. In the United States, cannabis terpenes are completely legal despite being sourced from cannabis.  The Federal and State Governments of the U.S.A. do not care how the terpenes have been derived so long as they meet stringent quality requirements regarding THC. As a result, buying wholesale terpenes from True Extracts can be a great way to ship your products to every corner of the world.

If you are ready to start shopping for wholesale terpenes, you’ve come to the right place. Head to True Extracts Labs today to find out which terpenes your store need to stock, today!