The Difference in Indica-Dominant VS. Sativa-Dominant Strains

If you have ever wandered into a dispensary, then you know how overwhelming the cannabis choices can be. Just as our shop has hundreds of different products, each with its own profile, there are hundreds of different strains of cannabis, each unique and each offering the buyer something special. Any one strain may require specific growing conditions, have a unique smell, an individual appearance, and produce varied effects.

So with so many choices, how do you narrow down what you want? To help keep things organized, most of those in the cannabis profession will separate their products into three general categories:

  • Indica
  • Sativa
  • Hybrid of both

Understanding the Difference Between Indica and Sativa

Among buyers, the general line of thought is that sativa strains of cannabis create a more cerebral head high while indica strains of cannabis create more of a body high. However, there is a more distinct and scientific difference, as the two are categorized as two subspecies of the cannabis plant.

The cannabis sativa subspecies is a plant that is indigenous to hotter climate regions, generally found naturally growing and thriving in areas near the equator — primarily in East Asia. In contrast, cannabis indica is indigenous to colder climates and as such has evolved with a significantly different appearance.

The Sativa Plant & Its Effects

Due to the sativa subspecies being native to warmer bioregions with longer summers, it takes a longer time to mature and flower than indica strains. This version of the plant grows tall, often making it a difficult plant to care for indoors. It’s visibly recognizable by its long, thin leaves.

Sativa strains have a reputation for having more cerebral effects, such as helping a person be more invigorating and alert, thereby helping the user to better tackle either physical or creative activities. In regards to our products, we like using sativa strains, as they are known to have higher concentrations of certain terpenes. For example, in general, sativa strains contain greater amounts of pinene, which is renown for its anti-inflammatory properties, and limonene, which is renown for its anti-depression and mood-lifting properties.

The Indica Plant & Its Effects

In order to survive in colder climates, the indica subspecies evolved to be shorter in height and with a significantly quicker maturation process, so that it may flower quickly before the onset of a long winter. Indica strains are visibly recognizable by their broader leaves.

Indica strains are best-known for being the relaxative, great-for-evening strain of cannabis, partly in thanks to its high concentrations of CBD. This is the strain most often recommended for those needing pain relief, who have trouble sleeping, or who have high anxiety, as indica in general, offers more of a body high. In regards to our products, we appreciate the high levels of linalool terpenes this strain of cannabis tends to have. Linalool has been shown to help relieve anxiety and offer sedation.

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