CBD & Terpenes: How CBD With Terpenes Can Elevate Your Wellness

At the time of this writing, the global CBD market has a valuation north of $967.2 million with projections for further growth in the coming years. More than just a booming industry, cannabidiol (CBD) seeks to change the relationship that individuals have with their health.

Understanding CBD

First discovered in 1940, CBD is one of 113 different identified cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant. Even though marijuana and hemp are often confused for one another, due in large part to their existence in the same genus, they differ in many other ways.


First and foremost, marijuana is classified as Cannabis Sativa when it has more than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) within it. THC is the primary psychoactive ingredient found within the cannabis plant and is often thanked for the trademark ‘high’ or ‘stoned’ feeling smokers know and love.

When a cannabis plant features less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol, it is considered a hemp plant. Hemp plants are legal to buy in every state as they do not meet the THC threshold for federal regulation. These plants are often introduced to a variety of extraction methods so that the CBD inside can be processed, packaged, and sold for medical and personal benefit.

Types of CBD

CBD is available in just as many different forms as THC. Take five minutes to browse through your local dispensary or your favorite online shop and the prevalence of CBD product options might overwhelm you. Let’s isolate and expound upon a few of the most common and popular consumption methods for CBD as it stands today.

  1. CBD Oil — One of the easiest ways to consume CBD on the market, CBD oil is available in three core types: Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and CBD Isolate.
    1. Full Spectrum — This CBD Oil contains all naturally occurring compounds within the cannabis plant.
    2. Broad Spectrum — This CBD oil features everything found within cannabis minus THC.
    3. CBD Isolate — CBD Oil with nothing else in it, this is the purest form of CBD concentrate that you can find.
  2. CBD With Terpenes — CBD Products that feature terpenes are best able to provide for the entourage effect that so many cannabis consumers have learned to love. CBD that has been infused with terps can provide for a more effective, productive, and relieving experience.
  3. CBD Topicals — For localized pain caused by injury, CBD topicals can provide relatively quick relief. Topicals range from creams and lotions to bath soaks and balms.
  4. CBD Edibles — Ingesting CBD via edible is the easiest way to incorporate the beneficial cannabinoid into your life. CBD gummies, lollipops, and cookies all provide easy access to a range of beneficial terpenes.
  5. CBD Inhalation — Consumers can turn to CBD products in the form of concentrates, flower, and vaporizing oil. CBD consumed through inhalation will provide effects through the lungs and into the bloodstream.

Endocannabinoid System & CBD

Endocannabinoid receptors can be found throughout the human body, including the brain, organs, connective tissues, glands, and cells. Tasked with a variety of issues, the goal of the Endocannabinoid system is to help our body function as it reaches homeostasis, or what we call an otherwise stable internal environment.

Key Compounds Within Cannabis

  • Terpenes — Consider terpenes as the special seasoning that flavors your favorite meal. Terpenes create the flavor, aroma, and experience that you enjoy when consuming CBD or cannabis.
  • Trichomes — Trichomes are small, fine, hair-like growths found on cannabis, algae, and other protozoa. Cannabis trichomes look similar to a mushroom when looked at up close. Cannabis trichomes provide the frosty white appearance that we associate with high THC production.
  • Flavonoids — Where terpenes provide flavor and smell, flavonoids also provide color pigmentation to plants. Often, these flavonoids are engineered to protect the plant from dangerous outdoor elements including rain, wind, and intense sunlight.

Effects of Terpenes

Terpenes are commonly referred to by ‘terps’ for short. These smelly compounds can be found within every facet of our day-to-day life as terpenes are responsible for the scents and tastes that we closely associate with the many plants in our lives. While terpenes do not provide the trademark high that THC is responsible for, they create something known as the entourage effect. Terpenes can provide specific properties that enhance relaxation, fight inflammation, and even help to elevate mood and contentment.

Let’s take a moment to highlight a few of the most popular therapeutic terpenes on the market.

  • Limonene — Typically found within citrus rinds, limonene provides a zesty lemony aroma to products ranging from food and perfume to household cleaning supplies. For CBD consumers and cannabis activists, limonene provides fantastic anti-anxiety benefits. Sativa-dominant strains like Alaskan Thunder feature limonene to bolster entourage effects.
  • Myrcene — This terpene is named after the Myrcia Sphaerocarpa, a Brazilian shrub commonly used to treat high blood pressure and diabetes. Myrcene provides a sedative effect and is commonly found within mangoes and basil. Associated with fragrant herbs and plants, Myrcene is ideal for treating insomnia and inflammation.
  • Linalool — Commonly associated with floral and spicy scents, Linalool is a terpene found throughout nature in hundreds of different plant species. Typically, associated with lavender and strongly tied to Ayurvedic medicine, linalool is ideal for use as a sleep aid and as an anti-anxiety supplement.
  • Pinene — A fan favorite, pinene is integral to pine resin and found within many of the most common conifers in the world. Pinene can also commonly be found in herbs like dill and basil where its anti-cancer properties support health and vitality. Some studies show that Pinene possesses anti-inflammation benefits, as well.
  • Beta-caryophyllene — Most closely associated with black pepper, beta-caryophyllene has a distinctive scent and a range of impactful benefits. Beta-caryophyllene is said to be able to reduce inflammation and pain while also supporting a reduction in addictive behavior, a study performed on mice.

Terpenes can dramatically change the way that we interact with and experience cannabis and CBD. Tailor your terpene profile to the therapeutic benefits that you are pursuing to maximize your contentment. Companies like True Extracts Labs provide access to various terpene profiles that allow consumers to take their wellness into their own hands through targeted relief.

About True Extracts

For more than 12 years, the team at True Extracts has been dedicated to crafting and perfecting its growing methodology. After license acquisition from the state of Arizona in 2017, True Extracts would release its designer terpene profiles brimming with the highest quality ingredients, designed and produced to specification.

True Extracts is proud to offer true-to-the-strain terpene profiles that CBD advocates can rely on to support their health and wellness.