How to Shop for Quality Terpenes Online!

The wellness market has grown and expanded greatly in the past several decades. With the rise of cannabis legalization and the widespread acceptance of the benefits of THC, more and more individuals are coming to alternative treatment methods for feelings of health support and wellness.

The team at True Extracts Terpenes has specialized in non-cannabis derived, strain-specific terpene profiles developed with the cleanest, most natural extraction methods possible. Without any added ingredients, natural or otherwise, True Extracts promises the purest products on the market.

If you are new to the world of terpenes, you likely don’t know what you are missing out on. Let’s explore how to shop for quality terpenes online while laying the groundwork for a healthier future!

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are aromatic compounds found within plants, fruits, and animals throughout the world. These compounds create the characteristic scent that we associate with many plants: pine, lavender, and citrus for a start.

The role of terpenes will vary from one situation to the next, often providing the carrier with protection from serious germs or even grazing animals. Terpenes are deployed for several reasons and shoppers at True Extracts Terpenes can buy terps for any occasion.

According to a report published in 2020, the value of the global terpenes market exceeded more than $559 million that same year. With the ongoing cannabis acceptance movement growing, it stands to reason that this industry will continue to grow.

Terpene Buying Guide

These naturally occurring terpenes are being increasingly utilized to help boost various health effects in the lives of individuals everywhere. Terpenes can purportedly support our well-being in several different ways, depending on the compound and its unique traits.

Before purchasing terpenes on the internet, it is important to best understand what you are looking for so you can make a smart purchase for your bank account and your health.

Let’s highlight a few key areas you should pay attention to when shopping for quality terpenes online.

Potency and Purity

Shoppers should target terpenes that come in a variety of different purity levels and terpene blends. This allows customers to shop for the exact blend they are looking for, prioritizing effects and purity above all else.

The team at True Extracts focuses on quality and purity at every level of the terpene production process, starting with an additive-free development process. True Extracts utilizes natural plant components that have been organically grown and steam-distilled for quality purposes. Some terpene providers will utilize excess distillate to fill out their products, leaving customers with a weaker overall experience as a result.

Prioritize companies that limit additives and other excessive components while focusing instead on delivering a pure and true-to-strain experience.

Authentic Terpene Profiles

True Extracts Terpenes specializes in designer strain profiles that are true-to-strain and authentic to their plant-based experience. True Extracts focuses on designer profiles that replicate the experience of the original strain, giving customers the exact experience that they’ve grown to love and anticipate.

True Extracts can develop an authentic terpene profile for most strains because they stay at the forefront by pheno-hunting for specific strains. Strain hunters will comb through crops until they find the perfect bud for their consumer’s experience.

Utilizing mirroring methodology, True Extracts can replicate terpene profiles without any variation, bringing consistent quality dosing to the homes of shoppers everywhere.

Transparency of Analysis

Don’t ingest terpenes without understanding what you are ingesting. Reputable companies selling high-quality terpenes online will make it a point to provide a Certificate of Analysis alongside the product that they are selling. Utilize this information to make sure that you are consuming the ingredients that work best for you.

A reputable Certificate of Analysis will let customers know exactly what is in the brand, product, and batch that they have acquired. This information will also present any findings from the lab as well as the specific lab that carried out all of the testings, breaking down different components and compounds along the way.

History of Success

With the electric rise of the cannabis industry coinciding with an interest in terpenes, it stands to reason that many opportunistic businesses are looking to get in on the action. For this reason, it is important to stick to companies with a history of success and a high-quality reputation backing their products.

Companies like True Extracts Terpenes have been providing winning product solutions for years to individuals who need their needs tailored to and satisfied.

True Extracts was established in 2017 to supply individuals with designer terpene profiles utilizing only the finest natural ingredients. Before working in designer terpene profiles, the founder of True Extracts worked for a dozen years at a local dispensary, perfecting the methodology that they utilize to this day.

Learn more about terpenes and their benefits by shopping at True Extracts Terpenes today! You’ll find designer terpene profiles at unbeatable prices, ready to be shipped to your door!