The Amazing Benefits of Limonene

Like a cup of coffee, the right Sativa strain can bring uplifting feelings of euphoria alongside bursts of creative energy. The secret behind this wonderful entourage effect isn’t just the THC of the cannabis, but also the terpenes within it! Terpenes are aromatic compounds that provide the characteristic smell we associate with many plants, including cannabis.

Terpenes provide much more than scent and, as it turns out, they are the primary reason for the feelings that cannabis can provide. Terpenes can create flavors, scents, and experiences that greatly impact the individual user in a positive and potentially medically appreciative way. For the plant itself, terpenes protect them from potential pests, predators, and even extreme weather.

One of the leading terpenes for uplifting and energizing euphoria is Limonene.

What Is Limonene?

Just about every strain of cannabis will have its own unique terpene profile. As there are literally countless terpenes in existence, each plant will have potentially hundreds of different terpenes within its system. With that being said, certain terpenes rise to the top of the profile, and limonene is one such terpene.

Limonene is the primary terpene found in grapefruit, lime, orange, and lemons. A core terpene, Limonene is found in abundance anywhere you find citrusy cannabis strains.

It is suggested that limonene can provide a variety of therapeutic effects, as evidenced by a study performed by Chemico-Biological Interactions. The study concluded that Limonene provides the following properties

  • Anti-Inflammation
  • Antioxidant
  • Antidiabetic
  • Anticancer
  • Antiviral

Terpenes like Limonene will provide unique physiological effects on your body, though those effects may vary distinctly from one person to the next.

Limonene and Cannabis

As a uniquely uplifting and energizing terpene, limonene has become one of the most dominant terpenes within the medicinal and recreational cannabis industry. Found within such star-studded strains as Wedding Cake and Jack Herer, it is no wonder that LIionene continues to earn high praise from new consumers and older advocates alike.

Outside of cannabis, Limonene is one of the most common natural terpenes found within our world. The limonene terpene can be found in lemons, oranges, and limes as well as orange peels. Many popular foods will also incorporate the lemony compound in sodas, desserts, and even candy.

Prominent Strains That Feature Limonene

Limonene in isolation can be used to treat a great many physiological conditions and we shall get into those later. Yet, before we discuss the isolated terpene itself, we must look closer at the strains most closely associated with it. By learning which strains possess the right terpenes for your needs, it will be easier to equip yourself with the proper medicinal relief that you are looking for.

Let’s highlight three of the best limonene-dominant strains on the cannabis market, today.

Wedding Cake is also referred to by Triangle Mints #23. This powerful hybrid strain leans toward the Indica side of the equation thanks to its Triangle Kush heritage. Wedding Cake is distinctly recognized for its relaxing and euphoric impact, leading it to become a popular choice for consumers looking for help with pain, appetite, and insomnia. Considered Leafly’s Strain of the Year in 2019, Wedding Cake is also known as Pink Cookies in Canadian markets.

MAC is also better known as Miracle Alien Cookies, or even just Miracle Cookies. This hybrid strain features delicious lineage with Alien Cookies crossing Columbian and Starfighter. The results of this unique hybrid are uplifting and grin-inducing, providing users with a creative experience ideal for any time of day or night. MAC has been a go-to strain for medical users as they seek relief from symptoms pertaining to depression or stress.

Jack Herer is named after a prominent cannabis advocate. The Jack Herer strain is revered for its ability to positively influence focus, creativity, and happiness. Jack Herer hybrids typically lean ever-so-slightly toward the sativa end of the spectrum with a THC percentage hovering in the low-to-mid 20s.

Finally, Do-Si-Dos is an Indica-dominant hybrid that features prominent levels of Limonene. This hybrid comes from OGKB and GSC as its lineage, providing bright pistils as well as green and lavender leaves. Do-Si-Dos is a stony, buzz-focused strain that begins in the head before seeping into the rest of the body.

For health and wellness enthusiasts that want to enjoy Limonene without cannabis, it is possible to order All Natural Strain-Specific Terpene profiles from companies like True Extracts.

Exploring In-Depth Benefits of Limonene Terpene Use

While there is still plenty of research to perform on the efficacy of terpenes, current studies point in a promising direction. As the second most popular terpene in the industry, Limonene offers massive potential in a number of key areas pertaining to health and wellness.

Let’s explore these key benefits together as we better understand the therapeutic aspect of Limonene.

Anti-Inflammation – Limonene has been showcased in studies on inflammation as well as how to effectively and quickly reduce it. Limonene has been seen in controlled studies to show a reduction in inflammatory markers, commonly related to osteoarthritis. Further, a test-tube study utilizing human cartilage cells noted that limonene helped to reduce nitric oxide production. Nitric Oxide is a molecule that plays an integral role in inflammation.

Reduced Stress – In the search for relief, stress can become overwhelming. There have been several clinical studies showcasing the benefits of limonene vapor when used to reduce anxiety. Some studies have even shown that Limonene can help reduce obsessive-compulsive behaviors within animals.

Improved Heart Health – While far from the first thing that comes to mind when discussing cannabis, Limonene terpenes found in prominent cannabis strains have been linked to heart health. A study performed on mice included doses of 0.27 grams of limonene per lb of body weight. This study showed dramatic improvements in the heart health of the mice as LDL, blood sugar, and fat accumulation in the liver were all reduced.

Potential Anti-Cancer Properties – Even though there are many more years of research to accomplish, early returns show some potential benefits for addressing cancer through LImonene terpenes. Limonene was used in a study on breast tumor cell expression. 43 women who had recently been diagnosed were given 2 g of Limonene per day for up to six weeks. The group taking Limonene would see a 22% reduction in expression following the study.