The Many Benefits of Myrcene

Myrcene terpenes are derived from cannabis and used in a variety of flavoring and aromatherapy products. Like many types of terpenes, myrcene has multiple health benefits in and of itself. It’s completely natural and can help users with conditions like insomnia and inflammation. In 2011, the British Journal of Pharmacology published an article on a study and revealed four of the top ways to use myrcene:

  1. Sedative
  2. Muscle relaxant
  3. Analgesic
  4. Pain reliever

To learn more about myrcene terpenes and how to use them to improve your life, keep reading.

What Is Myrcene?

Myrcene is the most common terpene found in cannabis plants and other sources and is believed to provide a calming effect. Some of the other common sources of myrcene include hops, lemongrass, houttyunia, mangoes, thyme, verbena, and the West Indian bay tree. Hops that have myrcene terpenes in them tend to have a peppery and spicy flavor as well as a balsam fragrance.

Does Commercial Cannabis Have Lots of Myrcene?

When it comes to commercial cannabis products, the most abundant terpene typically found in them is myrcene. In fact, Leafly lab partners recently conducted a study and out of the thousands of cannabis flower products that were tested, more than 20% of their terpene profiles were represented by myrcene.

It’s important to understand that cannabis terpenes have dominance, and this applies to the myrcene terpene. When a strain is created, its dominant terpene is the one that is present at the highest level, and in most cases, as of today, this dominant terpene is myrcene about 40% of the time.

Understanding False Claims About Myrcene

Some people claim that you can tell whether a certain cannabis strain has an upper (sativa) or downer (indica) effect by its level of myrcene. These people say if it has more than .5% myrcene by weight, then it will create a downer/indica effect while those with less than .5% myrcene product a sativa/upper effect. However, studies have shown that this is not correct. When closely compared against one another, it doesn’t matter what kind of strain it is — indica, hybrid or sativa — myrcene levels tend to be the same.

Can Myrcene Make You Sleepy?

There are very few studies confirming the effectiveness of myrcene as a sleeping aid, but the ones that exist are worth taking a look at. And regardless of a lack of studies, there’s no denying that herbal medicines have been used for thousands of years as a form of sleep aid. In Mexico, people often make tea out of lemongrass that’s full of myrcene and use it as a sedative or sleep aid. Some also use it as a muscle relaxant. In Germany (the 2nd largest grower of hops), myrcene-rich hops often get used to help people sleep better.

Does Myrcene Help With Muscle Relaxation?

As mentioned before, in addition to using myrcene-rich products as a sleep aid, many people use them to help with pain relief and inflammation. Brazilian folk medicine has always held special favor for myrcene-rich lemongrass and its ability to lower anxiety. Brazilians also use it for its pain-relieving properties. In 1990, a group of scientists in Brazil published a study claiming myrcene’s pain relieving effects. Many more studies are needed to further conclude myrcene’s ability to help with pain relief. And while there are many studies outlining its ability to reduce inflammation, these claims mostly come from animal studies.

Are There Other Benefits of Myrcene?

Because of myrcene’s powerful sedative, antibiotic, and anti mutagenic properties and effects, it is often studied and used in patients who suffer from:

  • Cancer (it can inhibit tumor growth)
  • Sleep disorders (helps with insomnia)
  • Diabetes (helps when used with the terpene thujone)
  • Pain and bodily discomfort (acts a muscle relaxant)

Are There Certain Cannabis Strains Rich in Myrcene Terpenes?

Yes, you’ll be happy to know that there are certain cannabis strains that tend to be richer in myrcene terpenes than other strains:

  • Mango kush
  • White widow
  • Pure kush
  • OG kush
  • Grape ape

Please keep in mind, however, that different distributors of each strain may vary in their production of the strains, meaning some may have higher myrcene levels than others. You’ll want to look at the labels of each strain through various distributors to see which ones have the highest myrcene levels.

What Is the Flavor and Aroma Profile of Myrcene-Rich Cannabis Products?

The smell and taste of cannabis products that are rich in myrcene tend to be musky while also exhibiting a slight hint of fruitiness.

Can Myrcene Be Extracted as a Non-Psychoactive Alternative?

Yes, when you properly isolate, extract and concentrate myrcene, it can be used as a non-psychoactive alternative. This is commonly seen among products that are meant to be used as topicals.

What Are Some of the Best Myrcene-Rich Products Available?

Alaskan Thunder: This sativa dominant product produces very strong odors of lemon and skunk. It produces a euphoric high and is especially preferred by those who like a “creeper” effect. It’s also highly favored by those who need a product that helps with appetite enhancement.

Black Cherry Soda: This indica dominant product has a fruity and soda-like taste and is known for its ability to balance the body and mind.

Banana Fig: If you want a myrcene-rich, indica dominant, banana-tasting product, you can’t go wrong with Banana Fig. Its smell and taste are incredibly memorable, leaving you with a product that is especially well known for acting as a sleep aid.

Blue Zkittles: Another indica dominant product, Blue Zkittles has a sweet earth and wildflower aroma and flavor profile. Its therapeutic benefits are known for producing a moderate sedation effect while also improving appetite. If you’re suffering from restlessness or stress, this is a product you’ll definitely want to give a try.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, myrcene-rich products are bountiful in potential health benefits. Want to see which myrcene-rich strains work best for you? If so, contact us today to speak with a representative who can go over your symptoms and help you find products that are most likely to be of the best help.